Saturday, April 6, 2013

Love these girls....

I did a little photoshoot with my 2 girls in Arizona...I tell everyone that I never get frustrated taking pics of kids, except when they are my own:)....I thought I had gotten only a couple, but when I uploaded them to my computer I LOVED them....and what this photoshoot taught me was that the pictures don't have to be perfect...actually some of my favorites are ones that are slightly out of focus, hair not perfect,  lighting not exactly what I would want.....but pictures that remind me of their personalities at the time... a look, a smile, those dance moves....I actually am tearing up writing goes by so fast and I am just thankful that I get to enjoy these two...

she is getting so old!!!

 love this sequence!!! I think I need to make a photo board!


 thought most of the ones I took looked like this!...but love this one!
 my favorite one of the day!!! ......just shows their personalities perfectly!!!

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